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Why Macs are Good for Business

Posted: 10/24/2016

Apple Macs in BusinessIn a perfect world, the tools that make business work, such as computers, would go from a sealed box to worker-ready in less than a day. And employees would be up and running with little or no help from IT.


APP REVIEW: Zombies, Run!

Posted: 10/10/2016

Apple spinning beachballLooking for a fun way to get out and get some exercise? The Zombies, Run! app will get you off the couch and running... for your life.


Defeating the Spinning Beachball of Doom

Posted: 09/30/2016

Apple spinning beachballMac’s Spinning Wheel Cursor started as a watch face that spun for program boots, or when pulling information from the hard drive. But the nickname "spinning beach ball of doom" was coined years later by tech reporters who in spite of the cheery rainbow redesign, saw it as a testament to frustrating delays. 


Sierra is coming! Time to get... El Capitan?

Posted: 09/16/2016

After the fanfare of the new Apple Watch and iPhone 7, Apple quietly announced that the next version of Mac OS 10.12 ‘Sierra’, will be officially released on September 20.  While this date is important for everyone with the newest computers as they eagerly await the next version of Mac OS, that date is equally important for people running older computers but for a completely different reason.


The incredible "Babbage/Lovelace's Machination" Mac Mini

Posted: 05/23/2016

Steve La Riccia, an incredibly creative and talented artist from Eugene, Oregon, has fashioned yet another one of his steampunk-inspired contraptions. The "Babbage/Lovelace's Machination" contains an Apple Mac Mini 1.4GHz, 80GB computer within a beautifully ornate hardwood housing. We applaud the ingenuity and attention to detail Steve employs in all his creations. Visit more of Steve's artwork at


Reseat Your RAM

Posted: 05/12/2016

Learn to recognize the symptoms for when you should try re-seating your RAM, along with the instructions to do so.

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