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Articles: Apple TV Review

Slowly but surely, the internet is creeping toward your television set, even if you don’t have it hooked up that way yet.

When the Xbox came out, its Internet connection was very popular. Folks were able to watch their downloaded programs right on the TV! At the time this was a pretty big deal. Apple has since created a fantastic device –the Apple TV– which interacts seamlessly with other Apple products, and brings the internet and a ton of content right to your remote.

Apple is nothing if not about ease of use, and it’s all there with the Apple TV. As long as you have an updated television, you can watch movies and TV shows from iTunes, and by using AirPlay, you can play content from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. And at under $100, it’s not going to break the bank.

Other Apple TV features are connectivity with Netflix, screen sharing, screen saver mode, connection to iTunes movies and TV shows, sports channels including MLB, NBA, NHL, and more, all direct from Apple TV. You can even connect to a projector for weddings and other events.

Apple TV is pretty awesome for Mac lovers. My roommate and I both have iPhones and MacBooks. For us, it makes sense to grab the Apple TV so that we can connect to the big screen. Unfortunately, my current big screen dates back to 2004 and doesn’t have the HDMI output that Apple TV requires. I do plan on getting a better television just to be able to use an Apple TV.

I couldn’t be more excited to see how Apple TV will continue to support Apple devices from the iPad and iPhone to the potential television set Apple may or may not be manufacturing. There are rumors, and rumors of rumors about all that, but as of right now, that’s all they are.

In the meantime, if you have a family of Apple devices and want a way to use them seamlessly on your television set, the Apple TV is the way to go.

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