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Articles: A gold-plated iPod Giveaway

We’ve been selling Apple products a long, long time. Long enough to have an ocean of things only the most rabid Apple fanboy would care to care to see or own. Marvelously old, crusty Apple things that died long ago. Signs, crates of who-knows-what, pallets full of machines from a bygone era. Mostly the Clinton era, but I digress ...

One of these crusty old things is this gold plated, brand-new 8GB 3rd gen iPod nano:

Ya see - when you’ve got thousands of things everywhere all the time, stacked and packed in a big ol’ warehouse, it becomes near impossible to keep track of everything.

So, one of our warehouse crew hit the snack machine the other day, selecting a Payday candy bar - and out drops a gold plated iPod nano. From 2007.

$2.50 later and this chap has a handful of these gold plated nanos - and one seriously old candy bar.

iPod nano in a vending machine

I’m sure we had great plans for these things. But now we might was well use them to establish Max’s street cred...

Are we embarrassed by this? Sure, maybe a little. We blew $150 to have each of them plated in the finest gold-gilt our purse strings could manage, just to drop them in the bottom of our vending machine and totally lose track of them. Maybe we did it on purpose, who the hell knows.

All I can say is we conned the hombre who scored these things into letting us give them away to you folks - so drop us a comment listing the new features you'd like to see on these new iPods.

We'll pick a couple lucky commenters at random - so you too can fulfill your dreams of a blinged-out grill which also happens to play your favorite tunes!

9/1 Update - Comments are now closed and we'll be picking the winners shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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