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Articles: A Dent In The Great Apple Universe

Many of you may have seen the news that Apple just passed Microsoft as the second-largest U.S. company, at least in terms of stock market capitalization. By that calculation, Apple only trails Exxon-Mobil in size and they are now the largest technology company in the world. Give ‘em a few more months, and maybe we’ll be pouring iPods and iPads into our gas tanks.

Surely, this is a business/economic story of historical proportions. Most basketball fans have heard the story that Michael Jordan was cut from his basketball team in high school. But this rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-riches story is a bit like Michael Jordan signing with the Harlem Globetrotters, playing with them for a few years, getting cut, and then joining the NBA to become, well, Michael Jordan.

PowerMax has been in this business a long time. Even before the time when it was feared that Apple was about ready to go out of business. Back then, rumors swirled that Sun Microsystems, Motorola and even Sony were negotiating to buy up Apple. Instead, Oracle eventually bought up Sun, and Apple has returned to stuff the basketball right in their faces.

During those times, we sold Macs from Power Computing, Motorola, Umax, and Super Mac. People constantly asked us if we were going to start selling P.C.’s. My answer to that was usually, “Why does the world need another P.C. reseller?”

Despite Apple’s success, the Mac sales world is a much smaller one than the P.C. world. But it is a world where people appreciate value, not just price. The P.C. world is full of crappy products, because they have become a commodity where price is the main criterion for purchase. Any time price drives the market, the products really suffer. Apple has masterfully stayed above the fray by truly understanding what their company is all about, and not trying to please 100% of the population. Steve Jobs expressed his understanding of that by saying that he just wants to put a little dent in the universe.

Indeed, PowerMax emulates Apple in terms of not trying to appeal to 100% of the population. We want to appeal to those people who appreciate personalized service, a little fun now and then, and a refusal to become bland, predictable, humorless and automated.

I guess we’re just happy putting a little dent in Apple’s universe, if you will. A universe that is apparently expanding beyond any reckoning most of Apple’s critics, and their would-be suitors, ever had.

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