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Articles: 20 cheap apps to get your iPhone/iPod touch ready for Halloween!

I'll admit it - Halloween is my favorite holiday. Unlike most other holidays, Halloween is about little more than having a good time. Whether it's with your kids knocking on your neighbor's doors or getting down at some Zombie-themed soiree, Halloween gives people a great excuse to let it all hang out (sometimes including fake intestines).

Why not bring the celebration to your iPhone? Check out this list of 20 Halloween themed iPhone/iPod touch apps to make sure you're the life of the party (or the bane of your neighbors)!



Hallowcarver ($0.99)

Drawing your jack-o-lantern on paper is soooo 2004! Bring your pumpkin carving planning into the digital age with this app which lets you carve your creepy right on your iPhone!



Crazy Pumpkin Lite (free)

Running out of jack-o-lantern ideas? Use Crazy Pumpkin Lite's design combinations to craft your digital jack-o-lantern.



Halloween Experience ($0.99)

One of the more popular general Halloween apps, Halloween Experience gives you a chance to carve your own pumpkin, play games like hangman & puzzles, play spooky sounds, AND provides a count down of the days till Halloween. Certainly lives up to its billing.



Horror Apps



Slasher ($0.99)
Scare the life out of your victims - uh, "friends" - with this app which displays a kitchen knife on your screen and plays the vintage horror sound when you make a stabbing motion. Too classic.



Crazy Chainsaw ($0.99)

Is there anything but? You'll be the life of any dinner party with this little app. Start up your chainsaw and scare your friends or just let your boss know how you really feel.



Ghost Detector ($0.99)
Nothing says "happy house warming" like a free ghost inspection. Make sure your next blind date is free of demonic possession with this little gem.



Saw VI (free)

Do you like creeping folks out? Record your voice as Jigsaw (you know, from the "Saw" movies) and email them to your amigos. Guaranteed to surprise...



Free Halloween Sounds (free)

What Halloween celebration would be complete without creepy sound effects? Grab this app and create a one-of-a-kind soundtrack with 15 different sounds. Conference calls will never be the same.



Zombie Me (free)

Ever want to become a zombie without the commitment? Now you can! Transform your (or your friend's) picture into a brain-hungry zombie pic. Bloody mouths, wounds, scary eyes - oh my!



Zombietron (free)
We all know synth music soothes the savage undead - so make some of your own! Add movie effects like a chainsaw or shotgun for extra guffaws!



Spooky Games



Zombieville USA Lite (free)
Who doesn't love a good zombie killing game? Rummage through the pockets of the fallen townsfolk for ammo (or loose change) and keep the undead hoards at bay.



Undead Attack! Pinball ($2.99)
Purge the town of undead baddies with something a little less traditional; a pinball. How could you not like a game that combines both zombies AND pinball?



MonsterKill ($0.99)
A fun twist on the classic castle defense genre - slice, shock, and broil wave after wave of classic horror monsters.
iDracula ($2.99)

A very fun, intense survival shooter which pits you against wave after wave of undead - and Dracula himself. Not for the feint of heart.
Trick or Treat ($0.99)

This cute, all-ages game is addictive! Simply catch candy corn and avoid the spooky ghosts. Friendly graphics make this a seasonal charmer for everyone.
Horror Master Trivia ($0.99)

Stump your legions of undead friends with this entertaining ride through the annals of the horror movie genre.

More Halloween Fun

"Ouija Board" - Talking Board PRO ($0.99)

Nothing transforms a pajama party into screenplay material quite like a seance. Up to four fingers can be placed on the Ouija planchette - but the spirits spell out the messages.
A Edgar Allan Poe - Collecton ($2.99)

The complete works of Edgar Allen Poe, on your iPhone, for less than 3 bucks. 'Nuff said.
iSausage ($0.99)

Ok, so this isn't exactly Halloween themed, but who doesn't want to experience "a revolution in virtual sausage technology"?
Scary Riddles ($0.99)

Featuring over 130 Halloween riddles, this app is great for introducing the kids to spooky characters without, well, scaring them. Suitable for kids 4 and up.
So what are you waiting for? Ensure you've got the Halloween apps of the year cornered and have a fun, safe holiday!


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