Apples Stands Out As The Top Vendor With $218B IT Revenue In 2016

In 2016 with, Apple stood out from the rest by becoming the largest vendor with over $218 billion in IT revenue. That was about $79 billion larger than Samsung (with $139 billion) which as a matter of fact stood in the second place. On Tuesday, Gartner confirmed these figures as truthful.

One thing which is quite evident in the recent times is the fact that the needs of IT buyers tend to be shifting in a major way. Most of the CEOs tend to be focusing more on growth. Also, they look forward to realizing business outcomes from their IT spend which is quite reasonable.

For a number of years, the ‘Nexus of Forces’ have stuck out as rather important. However, it is critical to pinpoint the fact that the impact of digital business is giving rise to some newer categories. ‘Nexus of Forces’ can be described as the convergence of social, cloud, information and mobility all in a joint move to help drive new business scenarios.

The top three vendors namely: Samsung Vendor Group, Apple and Google usually associate much of their size to the mere fact that they aligned to the ‘Nexus of Forces’ in a timely manner. The current times are witnessing most of the enterprises increasingly digitalize their products and services.

According to, the digital giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Baidu, Amazon, Tencent and Alibaba can choose to get involved or even take over the digital experience. Lovelock, a top executive while speaking to a number of top journalists said, “Digital giants effectively become gatekeepers for any business that delivers digital content and services to consumers,”

In the long and short of it, focus of the digital giants has many at times been in the consumer, employee as well as in the citizen world. In close consideration of the fact that most of the digital giants have not yet been as focused on business to business (B2B), no one can confidently downplay the fact that other companies could soon step in and of course take the lead.

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