Apple’s iPad Is Finally Starting To Fulfil Its Promise As A PC Replacement

Two years ago Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Office of Apple said the company has introduced the iPad tablet to replace the PCs or laptops which they have been using for several years.

The “iPad Pro”, which is larger than any previous tablet before it, was adopted by many as a replacement for the desktop or notebook. While referring to the iPad Pro, Cook said many people may no longer need anything else apart from their phones.

Since Apple launched the iPad in 2010, the gadget has been caused what could be termed as a revolution that was initially unexpected. The iPad is just another version of the iPhone but larger in size. The devices gained popularity after consumers discovered that it has a much bigger screen, highly portable and have a longer battery life making them ideal for watching videos, reading ebooks and playing games.

At its inception, the iPad recorded more sale compared to the iPhone. Before long, Apple released another “mini” model in 2012 so as to improve on the iPad’s appeal.

Before his death, Steve Jobs had said in one of his last interviews that consumers had become increasingly mobile and could easily shift from PCs to tablets just like America itself had become urban in a short span as people moved from using the big trucks to cars which are more fast and efficient. The prophecy is yet to be realized. Apple reported the highest sales from iPad during the last quarter of 2013 with the company selling a total of 26 million units. In the last quarter of last year, the company sold 13 million units. This drop has been consistent over the years for 13 consecutive quarters.

Although many people use the iPad, many are yet to see the reasons that could warranty upgrading on a regular basis like they do with mobile phones.  The same trend applies to PCs which have recorded a drop in sales for the last five consecutive years. The drop is reflected the marginal improvements that manufacturers have made on PCs in the recent years.

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