Apple Worried That Samsung Might Steal Its iPhone X Design

Apple’s highly anticipated new iPhone X is about three weeks to be launched in the market. However, the company is reportedly afraid of continuing to work with its display supplier, Samsung Display for supplying the newest design. The reason is that Samsung Display might embezzle its unique ideas and pass them to Samsung Electronics, Apple’s great rival in the market.

The latest iPhone X is the greatest design in Apple’s iPhone product line ever since the first iPhone model was launched in the market. The model is the first iPhone to feature an OLED display other than the usual LCD displays. The company’s decision to adopt OLED screens is not a new idea but iPhone X is the first smartphone to have the new OLED screen technology. The model is expected to be released on the market on November 3, 2017.

Samsung and Apple have had a long way in the smartphone industry. In 2011, Apple filed a lawsuit claiming that Samsung had infringed its patents and stolen its hardware and software designs. At that time, Samsung drastically climbed to the top of the smartphone industry thanks to its aggressive mechanisms of imitation.

The court found out the truth about the claims through the documents that were exposed during the ruling that disclosed how Samsung came up with a 132-page document to enable its engineers to copy Apple’s iPhone pixel by pixel. The case prolonged for several years but eventually, Apple was rewarded huge damages amounting to over $1 billion.

Though Apple perceives Samsung as ‘evil’, the company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of electronic parts, and Apple is left with no options but to work with Samsung for various components required for its iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. For instance, the new iPhone X uses the OLED screen that only Samsung Display is capable of meeting and exceeding Apple’s demands on both volume and quality aspects.

Samsung is also expected to launch its first flexible OLED screen smartphone next year but since Apple feels is skeptical of working with Samsung, it has turned to Samsung’s rival, LG Display to create for them OLED Screen technology.

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