Has The Apple Watch Series Hit The Mark As Far As Apple’s Vision is Concerned?

The Apple Watch Series 3 might have brought Apple as close as it can get to achieving its vision for the wearable device ever since it ventured into the smartwatch industry.

A few years ago, Apple decided to venture into the smartwatch industry with its own product, the Apple Watch. However, it followed up with the second generation, the Apple Watch Series 2 and the company recently launched the Apple Watch Series 3. The latter has been considered quite promising especially because it is more powerful and thus gives customers the chance of unlocking its full potential as per the company’s initial vision for the device.

The first thing to consider is that the Apple Watch Series 3 is significantly faster than its predecessors. In fact, a previous report from BGR stated that the new Apple Watch is 70 percent faster than the Series 2 which was 50 percent faster than the first generation Apple Watch. The faster speed means that it handles tasks without stuttering and Siri’s response is also quite snappy. This also applies to all the other features of the wearable device, including emails and messages. The faster processing speed of the device means it renders the Apple experience quite well.

Apple also announced that it will offer an LTE version of the new Apple Watch, meaning customers who get this version will no longer have to carry their handset to get the most out of the device. However, this was not without a glitch since the company recently acknowledged that the LTE versions were having trouble establishing LTE connections. The company has also improved a few other things as far as customer experience with the Apple Watch Series 3 is concerned.

“Apple Watch sales were brisk, as customers were freely able to try on the watches. Previously Apple treated customers as thieves, by keeping Apple Watches under lock and key,” stated Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at Global Equities Research.

Apple considered other important factors about the Apple Watch Series 3, such as the battery life. The company claims that it also improved the battery life and that the device can offer as much as 1 hour of LTE talk time. This might not be much but it is a significant amount of time for someone who is using the device during workout sessions.

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