Apple Watch Receives News About FDA Clearing Its EKG Reader

Apple Watch has received the news about FDA clearing its first medical device accessory with uttermost excitement. The KardiaBand employs AI in giving predictions as well as in the analysis of the heart rate.To achieve this it usually employs data from both the healthy and sick persons.

KardiaBand determines what is abnormal for any particular person as opposed to applying the generic range. Experts have taken a strong stand that such a device was what was required towards achieving quick diagnosis of a wide range of abnormalities. After this, the next move is to alert the health-care professionals about the various life-threatening complications in a given patient so that they can determine their next course of action.

Gundotra, a former Google+ boss opined, “It’s not possible to diagnose atrial fibrillation without FDA clearance. That is a big, big play. Apple has an initiative called the Apple Heart Study and plans to use heart rate data in building further research.”

AliveCor, the man behind the manufacture of the medical device accessory unveiled a new feature in the Kardia app called SmartRhythm. This particular feature employs AI in the analysis of data emanating from the watch’s activity sensors and heart rate.

If everything moves according to plan, it is expected that the app will bring fourth an in-depth evaluation of the correlation that exists between the overall activity and the heart rate. When it gets to that point when these seem abnormal, it will then be time to alert the specific user to proceed and capture the next EKG reading.

The speech recognition function is what it usually takes to get patients to provide a description of the specific symptoms at the moment aloud to the watch. It is after that when the app proceeds to generate its analysis after processing the data. This data can then be send via email to the user’s doctor.

KardiaBand at the moment requires that one subscribes to AliveCor’s premium service. The company also sells out an almost similar device that goes by the name the KardiaMobile.

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