Apple Updates GarageBand With Sound Library and Loop Packs

Apple announced an update to the GarageBand for iOS by launching a ‘Sound Library’ that will allow users to download and install new virtual gadgets as well as the loop packs. The program will commence with eight new packs and instruments, which are all available free of charge as the company plans to launch more packs to the app in the near future.

The program provides users with more creative options to make their music on both iPhone and iPad. The beatmakers will now tap into a modern Beat Sequencer instrument from the classic drum machines which is popular with artists who generate Hip-Hop and Electronic music. In addition, the app will feature the latest Asian touch Instruments and Drummer updates including six extra players.

With the new GarageBand Sound Library, the users can preview and download latest Apple-designed sounds and instruments in the app. The free sound packs have a wide range of Touch Instruments, Apple loops, guitar, Live Loops templates, instrument presets and much more. Users can now access the new features in the Sound Library and will get the alerts for the new sounds that would be launched soon. The initial sound packs were the Future Bass, Beat Sequencer kits, Reggaeton, and guitar amp tones.

Apple introduced the features to provide more options for people who create music in the Garageband. However, it’s not clear whether Apple will allow third parties to offer their own sound packs inside the GarageBand. Also, it’s not clear if Apple will update the Garageband Sound library regularly, although the company promised to update between grand app releases.

The eight new debut entries to the GarageBand Sound Library will include the three new instruments; taiko drums, the koto and guzheng instruments, a beat sequencer, the virtual drummers and other sound packs. When reached for a comment, Apple was hesitant to clarify whether the update will include a desktop version of GarageBand but with an increase in demand, it seems it’ll be done soon. The latest GarageBand looks simpler and user-friendly than it used to be in the past.

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  • Kenyon Jones

    I am an avid user of the iPhone version of GarageBand. Love the new eight additions to the sound library, very simple to operate. Why only available on iPad and iPhone? Why not the desktop as well??? Projects come together easier and faster on the desktop!!!” Also cuts out all the neck cramp from constantly looking down at the screen.” Unify with same capability in programs throughout devises iPhone / iPad / and desktop!!!