The future of television is now

That future is apps. Since you already use apps to watch TV on mobile devices and computers, Apple TV has allowed apps to liberate television. Now you can choose precisely whatever you want to watch whenever. Built on tvOS, Apple TV lets you interact with your TV in totally new ways. Ask Siri to find a movie or TV show or turn your living room into a game room, fitness studio or classroom. This is Apple TV.


All the entertainment your TV can handle

iTunes movies and TV shows. Netflix and Hulu. ABC and Disney. HBO and SHOWTIME. Live sports and news. And so much more. If it’s worth watching, there’s an app for it.

Games and More

Apps and games on TV. This is huge.

Big, exciting games. Apps that let you redecorate your house or shop for a new one. Multiperson experiences that redefine family game night. There are thousands of apps already available for Apple TV, and more are arriving all the time.

The television finally gets some technology love

Many of the big innovations and newest technologies have focused on the small screens that fit in our pockets. Now it’s time our big screens share in that technology and get an equally innovative experience. Apple TV and tvOS, a redesigned interface, along with the Siri Remote, mean there’s never been a better time to be a TV.

Redesigned Interface

A TV experience you’ve never experienced

Your TV screen is across the room. That’s why Apple TV is designed to let you feel like you’re interacting directly with your TV, not separated from it.

Siri Remote


Ask more of your television


What’s the best way to find something to watch? Just ask Siri. The Siri Remote let’s you tell your TV exactly what you want to watch. Ask Siri for a few options, like “Show me popular TV shows.” Or combine multiple criteria in the same search. Siri can also play an album that just dropped or search the App Store for the best fitness apps. If you have HomeKit-enabled products, you can even ask Siri to dim the lights or adjust the thermostat.

Touch Surface

Less button pushing. More swiping.

Touch changed how we interact with our phones, now touch has come to the remote. Use your thumb on the Touch surface of the Siri Remote to scroll, select, and navigate your TV screen effortlessly.

New features for an even better Apple TV experience.

Everything you want to watch – in one app. Tune in to live sports just by asking Siri. And updates can automatically downloaded to your Apple TV.


Siri Remote with Touch surface, apps and games, and a completely immersive experience.