Apple TV Makes Its Return To Amazon After Two Years

In June, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook made an announcement revealing that Amazon’s Prime Video app was set to return to Apple TV. The decision to sell the Apple TV units on Amazon to most of the concerned parties looks well-calculated.

Seemingly, the two tech companies seem to have struck an agreement that has allowed Apple’s media player on Amazon’s retail site and Amazon’s app onto Apple’s device.

It is now two years down the line since Amazon quit selling Alphabet Inc.’s Google Chromecast and Apple TV. The company is said to have gone further to ban all the third parties from selling the devices as well. That company has been firm on its decision to abstain from selling any media players that do not have the capacity to support its Prime Video app.

Earlier this month, the 64 GB Apple TV 4K which happens to be the latest rendition was officially announced. It ran $199 on Amazon and in the past few days it was listed for sale.The Apple TV has proceeded to list the Amazon Prime Video app as a ‘coming soon’ product.

In late-afternoon trading on Tuesday, the Amazon stock traded up 0.13% to $941 and that was seen as a major development by analysts that were following closely on the company’s progress.

While addressing a conference attended by a large number of officials from top companies, Cook opined, “Of course, as you know Prime Video provides a wealth of great content — thousands of TV shows and movies, and some great original content like Transparent, and so much more. We are so pleased to welcome Amazon to Apple TV.”

Amazon thinks that it has achieved much in the recent years and its customers will be able to access its growing streaming video catalog which is made available via the $99/year Prime membership program. To this point in time, the Amazon Prime Video isn’t yet available on Chromecast device. The provider also quit selling Chromecast on its site. It hopes that customers will be impressed by the fact that they will be able to use Apple TV later this year to watch the Worldwide Developer Conference.

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