Apple Tries To Get Even With An Italian Company Called ‘Steve Jobs’ After Court Rules In Its Favor

Upon discovering that “Steve Jobs” as a name wasn’t trademarked, some two brothers from Naples who had been doing fashion design for other companies resolved to use the name to start their own brand. The search for an attention-grabbing name was a matter that had consumed much of their time. The two are delighted that finally the protracted legal battle is finally over and at the moment they are considering using the selected name on pretty much anything.

Giacomo Barbato and Vincenzo disclosed that they registered the trademark for Steve Jobs way back in 2012.However, it they didn’t seem to draw pretty much inspiration from Jobs’ signature black turtleneck and jeans.

The legal department representing Apple moved out strongly to wage a legal battle against Apple. It is said that it started off by sending the two brothers four large folders of legal documents but matters did not play according to the plans of Apple’s legal team since the two ended up winning the case.

Barbato opined, “in August 2014, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, official organ of the European Union, issued its ruling with a bold line: ‘The opposition is rejected in its entirety.”

Meanwhile, they have unveiled a wide array of accessories and clothing under the names but the legal battles don’t seem to be coming to an end. Apple has apparently been trying to get even with them and lately it proceeded to wage a legal battle over their logo, a letter “J” with little leaf on top a little chunk had been removed from it.

They must be extremely tough moments for the Apple considering that the court did not rule in its favor again. It gave a ruling outlining that the two brothers were free to at any time use the logo. According to the court, further talks could be conducted later on.

Barbatos in airing out their opinion on the court’s ruling said that it found out that the letter wasn’t by any chance a fruit. Rendering the missing chunk on the side to be a bite would have been totally out of order.

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