Apple Store & Most Others Running Out of Stock on AirPods

In case you have been looking forward to obtain AirPods from the Apple store, it’s probably already too late. Anyone wishing to obtain the AirPods must be prepared to wait until 2018.

These orders came from the United States, France, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, and a number of other countries. The delivery dates have been pushed forward until January. There are rumors flying about that the wireless headphones are currently out of stock at the various retailers and stores of Apple.

A word has also been moving around that AT&T might be having the devices in stock and incase that turns out to be true then the customers might be compelled to shell out $14.95 for expedited shipping. Did you have the intention to give a pair to someone? Well, next time you will need to think more carefully.

Apple’s spokesperson opined, “Even before launching in December 2016, Apple had production troubles with AirPods that delayed the first official sales by months while they worked out quality issues. They were pretty divisive at first, because while the AirPods are a solid if not perfect set of wireless buds, the standard legacy headphone jackdisappeared starting with the iPhone 7.”

All is not doom and gloom for a determined mind considering that one might be choosing to move ahead with using the non-wireless headphones with a Lightning port adapter. However, that will still be demanding since one will be required to shell out a few extra bucks in case he or she happens to lose the original one.

One thing that has been quite noticeable in the recent times is the fact that the periodic supply shortages have continued to be witnessed after very few months. Some of the market experts have moved ahead to attribute the shortage to the surge in holiday sales though that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Over the years analysts have made a series of speculations with a section of them outlining that Apple creates artificial scarcity and it benefits from the move.

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