Apple Still Seems Clueless About Its TV Entertainment Strategy

Apple has proved itself a giant leader in various top industries including music, mobile technology, and computers but it visual entertainment seems to be an elusive industry which the company has not yet mastered.

The TV industry is arguably one of the most competitive industries especially for commercial technologies. Some of Apple’s rivals Such as Samsung have managed to make significant strides in this market but Apple seems to have lagged behind. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple dropped a few hints that his reign would see the company introduce something to remedy the situation in the television world but that has not yet happened.

Apple has so far not managed to introduce any product that fundamentally changes the way people view TV. However, it did manage to come up with the Apple TV set top box which relies on third party applications. This is still a far cry from the rumors that the company had plans to introduce its own TVs but that is a direction that the tech giant seems unable to follow.

“We’ll see how this goes, but it is still an area of great interest,” Cook stated a week ago when asked about his company’s position in TV.

Will Apple pursue the content route?

Analysts believe that it was in the company’s interest to venture into the TV manufacturing industry but its executives opted not to pursue it because there was nothing new for Apple to add to the market. Apple’s head of digital media, Eddie Cue recently stated that the firm was pursuing a different direction. This suggests that Apple might be working on venturing into content though that industry also seems to be taken over by giants such as Netflix and Amazon.

Apple has already signed deals for some video content on its Apple Music App. However, those efforts do not seem to have massive magnitude compared to the moves being made by video content giants. Analysts believe that the tech giant does not have a clearly outlined plan to take advantage of the TV industry. However, it could be that Apple is choosing to play by its strengths.

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