Apple Speeds Up The Construction Of Its New Store In Vienna Ahead Of Rumored Launch In January

Apple is reportedly trying to beat the clock by speeding up the construction of its store in Vienna which will mark the company’s first official Apple Store in Austria.

The software and tech company is reportedly planning to launch the store in January 2018 which means it has only a few weeks to go before the scheduled launch. Apple is reportedly working on the exterior and interior renovations on a three-story retail building located in Vienna, Austria, to transform it into an Apple Store. Of course, the redesign is being undertaken to resemble Apple Store designs which means it will feature huge glass windows and metal beams.

“Our Apple stores in Europe are incredibly popular among customers and we look forward to opening our first in Austria,” statedApple as it confirmed in February that it was working on a retail outlet in Vienna.

Despite the confirmation this year, the rumors about the upcoming Apple Store in Vienna first made airwaves in August 2016 but construction is said to have commenced in November, the same year. The company described Vienna as one of the most significant cultural centers in Europe and also revealed that it has been putting together a team of employees to deliver vital services to customers.

News outlet AppleInsiderstated that Apple is expected to launch the Vienna store in January next year though there has not been any official collaboration to confirm the claim. Also, the iPhone maker has not updated the upcoming Apple Store in Vienna into the list of its locations in Austria on its Website. However, the recently accelerated construction and redesign of the building most likely means that the company has a deadline that might be very soon regardless of the lack of confirmation.

The news has also been released following previous reports about the launch of the company’s new and futuristic Apple Store in Brooklyn. It also highlights the company’s aggressive push towards expanding its market so that it will have a global presence.

Apple stock closed the latest trading session on Friday at $169.37 after a 0.03 percent gain compared to the value of the stock during the previous close.

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