Apple Scheduled To Launch The iPhone X In 13 Countries On November 24

Apple is racing against time to launch its new flagship handset, the iPhone X in more countries ahead of the holidays and this time it has announced the launch of the device 13 countries on November 24.

The tech giant is looking to rapidly ramp up the iPhone X sales especially during this year’s holiday season by launching the flagship handset in more countries. Apple announced that it will launch the new device in 13 more countries by November 24, bringing the number of countries where the device has been launched to 70.

“iPhone X will be available to customers beginning Friday, November 24, in Albania, Bosnia, Cambodia, Kosovo, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, and Turkey,” stated a recent report.

The initial launch focused on the company’s major markets such as the U.S. but Apple is determined to make sure that it launches the handset in more markets to cater to its customers. Apple currently boasts of a global market for the iPhone and it is thus hoping that the iPhone X sales will be impressive. However, the only problem standing in the way of that is the supply. Apple might not be able to ship as many products to satisfy the huge demand for the iPhone X due to production bottlenecks as stated in previous reports.

The iPhone X is a milestone device for Apple because it marks ten years ever since the company launched its first iPhone. Apple had promised that it would mark the anniversary by introducing a new handset featuring a complete overhaul from the previous generations and one that would also usher in future designs in the iPhone product range.

The announcement about the newly designed iPhone X caused a lot of hype as people anticipated the device and Apple also claims that it is the most powerful handset that the company has ever created. The entry-level device costs a hefty $999 which is significantly higher than the price tag of previous iPhones. There have been concerns as to whether Apple will still have as many customers for the device if it breaks the $1,000 price range. However, it seems iPhone fans have welcomed the device and are eager to experience it.

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