Apple Rumors: Apple Watch Series 3, Desktops and More!

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple is rumored to be working on a new smart watch labeled Apple Watch Series 3. The details of this development remain unknown, but reports indicate that Apple may introduce the new Apple watch in the second half of this year. It is also expected to continue selling Apple Watch Series 2 even after Series 3 is introduced to the market.

Apple Announces The Launch Of A New And Improved Mac Desktops

Apple’s past week was dominated by a topic it has kept away from for a while; Mac desktops.

Apple acknowledges disappointing its customers

Apple executives, in a bid to allay customer and shareholder fears, made the decision to announce the release of new iMacs. The company, known for being very secretive and hardly ever announces new products until the official press event, acknowledged that it might have disappointed its professional customers with their delay on upgrading Apple desktops. The new iMac will target these users with higher-end components and are slated for delivery later this year.

During an interview, executives stated that the company is working on developing a major Mac Pro update as well. These could be available as soon as early next year. The Mac Pro is rumored to come with a new modular design which enables users swap components in and out. These changes will aid in pro-level Apple desktops keeping up with high powered Windows desktops.

More developments expected

Besides these announcements, Apple had a rather quiet week save for a few iPhone rumors going around about the possible delivery of a premium television bundle. This is expected to be part of the broader motive to attract cord cutters who wish to get away from satellite TV and cable subscriptions.

Launching the new updated iPhone

Users expecting a big iPhone update during this year might be forced to wait a bit longer that expected. The iPhone 8 is expected to be delayed until either October or November. This can be attributed to a couple of complications with the lamination process which are used to attach the curved OLED screen to the phone. The company has not confirmed if the iPhone will be launched this year.

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