Apple Pays Focus On Improving Runner Safety With iPhone’s Backlight

In May, Apple filed for a patent that was expected to show how the backlight on its devices could be used as a form of safety light for runners. The patent is associated with a title that reads, “Handheld devices as visual indicators.”

There transmitted light will be configured with the playlists. The light level transmitted by the display will be varying in accordance with the music at play. The night runners will find the backlight important, especially when configured to serve as a light beacon. As a matter of fact, the light in the beacon could fade in and out, blink, strobe or even pulsate.

Anyone might refer to these as pretty nifty features. The passage of time will most probably see more people continue expressing their desire for a similar effect. Anyone in dire need of the effect can visit the app store where it is easy to find a host of third-party apps. From there, one can transform a mobile phone into a music strobe.

Apple has had its fair share of challenges over the years, but one outstanding thing is the way in which it has continuously redeemed itself. With a market constantly faced with fierce competition, the company has been compelled to resort to embracing innovation and better ways of doing things.

The latest patent has been termed by a number of top analysts as a major step towards the right direction. This company stated that it was going channel resources and efforts as well towards improving runner safety.

The company has also been reshuffling its staff in the recent years as well as providing training sessions. This has been in a bid to ensure that the provider gives the very best to customers. A number of customers that were interviewed recently praised the company’s plans saying that they were for their own good.

According to them, listening to music would most probably turn out to be even more fun. However, they called upon the company to pay a little more focus on its customer care services to help them access critical information more easily.

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