Apple Partners With Accenture To Build iOS Business Solutions

Apple and Accenture have agreed to join forces to help business companies transform how their employee-customer interactions through offering them with modern business solutions for iOS. The two companies will launch a new enterprise platform that will allow businesses to improve how they engage with customers.

The collaboration is strengthened by several factors including the power, security, and simplicity of the iOS, the top-notch business mobility platform, and the Accenture’s capabilities as the top leader in the industry. Therefore, the digital transformation is expected to facilitate businesses with ways to unlock new revenue-generating avenues, boost productivity, reduce operating costs, and enhance customer experience.

Accenture will build a committed iOS practice in their Digital Studios within a few selected locations across the globe and experts from Apple will co-join the teams. The two firms will collectively launch new tools and services that would companies improve how they interact with customers via iPhone® and iPad®. The experts will comprise of architects, hardware and software designers, programmers, scientists, and much more.

The partnership will offer tools and services including the Internet of Things (IoT) -specific instruments, templates, and the predetermined codes to enable companies that use iOS apps to improve their data usage collected from the IoT platforms. The business enterprises will also get assistance to easily transfer their current apps and data to iOS to help them integrate iOS into their back-end systems.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the two firms are leaders in creating far-fetched customer experiences and working together can significantly transform the business companies through incredible solutions from Apple and Accenture. Pierre Nanterme the chairman and CEO of Accenture added that their iOS is considered a superior mobile platform for business companies and they are excited to work with Apple a leading company in creating products that entice customers.

The new iOS tools and services will benefit from the most modern Apple technologies and the leading Accenture’s digital capabilities. Apple and Accenture believe that a delighted customer is what drives the business growth and understanding the needs and wants of the customer through interactions is critical to businesses.

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