Apple Officially Opens Its First Store In Taiwan

Apple finally opened the highly anticipated Taiwan Apple Store on Saturday, making it the company’s latest expansion in Asia.

Shoppers flocked into the new Apple Store in Taiwan to celebrate its launch which took place on Saturday. The reports about an upcoming store in Taiwan popped up a few weeks ago, revealing that it would be located in Taipei 101, the tallest skyscraper in the country. The wait is finally over and the scores of Apple fans visiting the new store proves just how much the locals have received it with excitement. The company had also revealed the news about the store on its website, just days before the official launch.

”I am really glad that there is finally an Apple Store in Taiwan so I don’t have to send my iPhone to another country for repair,”stated Shih Feng, a 19-year-old college student.

Fans pleased with the new Apple Store

Fans were eager to see the new Apple Store and some of them had even camped outside so that they would be among the first people to experience it. Some started lining up outside the building on Friday evening according to the company’s website. The store is on the ground floor of the Taipei 101 building to make it easier for people to access it without much hassle.

The Store itself incorporates a unique design and this was important for both the company as well as Taiwan citizens since it is the first Apple Store in the island. It even has a place where shoppers can hang out with friends. Apple also revealed that the new store has initially kicked off with 130 employees.

Prior to the launch of the new Apple Store in Taiwan, shoppers relied on licensed distributors or the company’s website where they would purchase Apple products. The tech giant currently has almost 500 stores all over the world with more than 1 million visitors every day. Apple is yet to announce which country the next launch will be, though it is planning to launch even more stores in Asia.

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