Apple Is Now Offering Customer Support For The Beddit Sleep Tracker

Apple has announced that it has finally taken up customer support services for the Beddit sleep tracker following the iPhone maker’s acquisition of Beddit earlier this year.

Months after its acquisition of Reddit, Apple has started offering support services to customers who own the Beddit sleep tracker. The latter is a sleep monitoring tracker that is priced at $150. It uses an app that pairs to an under-sheet sleep sensor that is designed to help users to keep track of their sleeping habits. Apple acquired Beddit in May as part of its ongoing interest in technology for monitoring health. The iPhone maker did not disclose the value of the acquisition.

“Beddit tracks metrics like sleep time, sleep efficiency, heart rate, respiration rate, movement, snoring, room temperature, and room humidity,” noted a recent Macrumors report.

Apple has also noted the change in its Contact Apple Support page as part of the additional change in its support policy. Customers looking for technical help from the official Beddit website are diverted to the iPhone maker’s support page. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman was among the first to notice the changes on Monday.

Apple has continued to sell Beddit products ever since the acquisition and it also collects sleep-related user data using those products. Prior to the acquisition, Apple’s consumers were limited to the Apple Watch to monitor various activities using sensors in the wearable device. However, the Apple watch does not have the capacity and power capabilities necessary to carry out sleep-tracking functions.

The iPhone maker has been carrying out research on proprietary sleep tracking technologies which rumors suggest will be incorporated into future versions of the Apple Watch. However, Apple has not confirmed these rumors and has not really released any details regarding its future plans with the Beddit acquisition. Nonetheless, the acquisition highlights the company’s increased commitment towards health services and it also suggests that the tech giant might be working on something big for the industry.

Meanwhile, Apple continues to use the Beddit acquisition to sell more healthcare devices but it might use the technology from the acquisition to further expand into services targeting the healthcare industry.

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