Apple News Gaining Traction As the Company Plans To Expand Publishing

News integrator application app developed by Apple for their IPhone platforms and Android users seems to be expanding as the company plans to including opportunities for publishing. On Comscore the app is ranked as the 15th biggest app by audience reach both on Android and IOS with a user base of 47 million every month.

Though the app has been boosted by the above mentioned figure of increased reach, publishing has been a down side for the application. It has been difficult for publishers to find opportunities to make money from advertising on the platform. Though running adverts on the app is not impossible the process is cumbersome and tedious making it difficult for publishers to use the site for such purposes.

However, Apple might in the nearest future allow publishers to use their own targeted add campaign technology on Apple news. If the publishers could use technology they are already familiar with to generate profit from the app it would make the whole publishing process easier on prospective users.

The company might also include micropayment on the app in the nearest future. Micropayments allow for readers to read articles for “for cents at a time.” This service would make payment for services rendered less difficult on the app. These two additions if achieved would be a significant update on the app from what was done last month when Apple made two new significant changes to the app. This is in the frame of reader demographics and expanded ad support on iOS 10.3 and higher.

Of the three tech giants (Apple, Google and Facebook), Apple has been the least amiable to targeted adds as its CEO Tom Cook have several times emphasised that the company makes money when consumers purchase their product and not by target add campaigns helped by Google and Facebook. In reference to his distaste for this act Cook said “They’re gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monetize it. We think that’s wrong.”

The mobile giant would be hoping to compete with Google who is the king of targeted ad. Google’s AdSense is one biggest income generator for publishers on the internet.

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