Apple Might Be Planning To Launch A Foldable Phone In The Future

Apple claims that the iPhone X may have ushered in the next generation of iPhone design but the company might take it a notch higher and launch a foldable handset in the future.

The latest series of speculation about Apple’s future products suggest that the company might soon launch a foldable handset. The software and tech firmreportedly filed a patent application with the U.S Patent & Trade Office about a week ago. The new patent is said to highlight Apple’s research into devices that consist of flexible electronic displays. However, Apple has in the usual fashion not confirmed any rumors, especially those regarding whether it is indeed planning to introduce a future iPhone with a flexible display.

The patent application reveals that the technology is similar to the technology found in electronic devices that have displays. This includes devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets among others. Apple would most likely use technology that is similar to that found in products such as iPhones. However, Apple is not the only company that is rumored to be working on foldable handsets. Its arch-nemesis Samsung Electronics was also reported to be planning on introducing such devices soon.

“Bezel-free display devices sell well, Samsung has enough time to develop foldable display,” stated Kim Tae-Woong, the lead engineer at Samsung.

Samsung announced earlier this year that it has been working on foldable phones but they will not be expected in the market until 2019. This highlights the rapid changes in the smartphone world which have been fueled by cutthroat competition among manufacturers. This year alone has been characterized by the shift towards bezeless displays. Perhaps foldable displays will be the next big trend in the smartphone market.

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