Apple Might Launch The Apple Watch 3 Alongside The iPhone 8 In September

Apple is slated to launch the iPhone 8 in September and there are rumors that the launch will also feature the third generation Apple Watch.

A recent report from CNBC suggests that the company is planning to launch the Apple Watch 3 during the launch of its upcoming iPhone. The report also points out that the third generation Apple Watch will not require an iPhone to carry out functions such as texting or calling because it will feature an LTE modem. This means that for the first time the Apple Watch will be a standalone device. The aim is not to replace the iPhone but rather to make the Apple Watch more appealing.

The LTE ability will allow the Apple Watch 3 to perform more phone features. Users will, for example, be able to make calls with ease even when their phones are away especially during activities such as workouts. Apple expects this move to make the Apple Watch 3 more appealing to customers. CNBC claims that Apple will most likely launch the device alongside three new models of the upcoming iPhone.

“It will cater to the niche market of health and fitness users who don’t want to carry their iPhone when they go for a run,” stated Neil Shah, a research analyst at Counterpoint.

Apple was not expected to launch the Apple Watch 3 at least until next year if it followed the regular release window. For example, the second generation Apple Watch was launched two years after the first generation which means that if the rumors are true, then the Apple Watch 3 will be a year early.

If the Apple Watch 3 will indeed feature LTE, then the company will be joining the list of tech companies that have smart watches with LTE modems. This includes the Gear S3 from Samsung, the Watch Sport LTE from LG and Huawei’s Watch 2. This competition from other manufacturers would also explain why Apple would accelerate the timeline to launch the Apple Watch 3 earlier than expected and with LTE capability to keep up with the market trends. The highly awaited launch is just a few weeks away.

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