Apple Looking Into The ‘Swelling’ iPhone 8 Batteries Report

Apple is launching investigations into the ‘swelling’ iPhone 8 batteries that swell and separate the device’s case. The surfacing of the swelling battery phenomenon was witnessed for the first time in September.

CNet looked at the reports in an in-depth manner and by the end of the exercise it uncovered fewer than 10 cases spread across Canada, Japan, Taiwan, China and Greece. An outlook at a number of photos shared on the social media clearly indicates the screens of the phones pushed away from their respective bodies. Some of the devices are unused and the rest showcase apparently new phones cracked open in boxes.

Rumors have been flying about outlining that the phones showed the problem after they were charged the whole night. The site has made a statement declaring the defect as a “battery failure.”It added that it was aware of the fact that millions of iPhone 8 delivered in the recent times indicated faults.

A number of the concerned parties have come forward pushing Apple to crack up regarding the “swelling” batteries. Their efforts have been in vain after the renowned phonemaker declined to make an elaborate comment regarding the matter. It said that it was taking its time to assess the issue but details were not something they were going to give anytime soon.

One of the battery industry analysts came out clearly to state that the Apple executives were in crisis mode. An analyst following closely on the matter opined, “It is not the first time Apple is going through an enormous challenge. This is a company that has managed to get itself out of many serious ruts and the matter at hand is not too big for it to handle.”

Phone enthusiasts from around the globe are closely watching to find out the next move by this company. This is happening at a moment when the phone manufacturing industry is undergoing several dynamics. The competition is wild and the company is on course to putting everything in order to be able to compete effectively.

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