Apple Looking Into The Recent Crashing Of The Apple Watches

The shiny new Apple Watch recently gave a queer response when asked about the weather. Many Series 3 owners attested to the fact that their wristwear crashed and it has been worrying them a great deal.

The most affected by the hiccup were users across Europe and North America. A lot of the concerned parties have been pushing Apple to give its comments regarding the matter. A potential culprit does exist and most of the iPhone users can attest to the fact that they are familiar with it.

Reddit user rgsteele has forwarded a theory which outlines that the crashing has much to do with the end of Daylight Saving Time. It was safer to ask about time after DST was over. Apparently, the issue is seemingly over and it is now safe for any person to move ahead and ask Siri if it is raining. In the previous years, Siri hasn’t been encountering issues. However, one notable thing is that iOS devices have been associated with, long-running calendar bugs and alarm related to DST shifts.

There have been a number of people purporting that the time change might be the cause. It is not yet clear how much of the fault will be resting in Siri’s servers versus the watch software.

But Apple might find it a safe bet to prevent this from happening one more time. It is absurd when it occurs since a common voice command brings everything to a stop one day out of every year.

Apple’s spokesperson attests to the fact that business challenges have been part and parcel of their everyday’s trading activities. However, as a company they have always made efforts to resort to top solutions whenever they face up to the different challenges.

The recent hitch has been noted by the company with a lot of seriousness. Much in terms of effort is being channeled into ensuring that such a hitch is prevented from occurring ever again.

One of the officials working with the company opined, “The recent crash of our device was a great embarrassment but we are going to do what we can to re-build the trust our customers have for our products.”

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