Apple To Launch A 4K Updated Version Of The Apple TV During The iPhone 8 Launch

The September launch for the upcoming iPhone 8 is rapidly drawing closer and a new report from Bloomberg suggests that the company will also launch a new Apple TV that supports 4K content.

The new Apple TV is expected to be launched alongside the upcoming iPhone 8 handset as well as the new Apple Watch. The company is expected to talk about the latest OS versions including WatchOS and tvOS. This means that the new Apple TV will most likely feature the latest version of the operating system. Apple has however been quite silent about the matter though the report is likely true because Apple is constantly making improvements to keep up with current trends. 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) are the latest trends in the TV entertainment industry.

“This new Apple TV will be unveiled alongside the iPhone 8 and the next-generation Apple Watch,” stated the Bloomberg report.

According to the recent Bloomberg report, the upcoming Apple TV will support 4K which means users will have to own TV sets that can output content at 4K resolution as well as HDR. The two features make it possible to achieve a wider range of color, contrast and better image quality. This technology is relatively new but it seems to be sweeping the market by storm. So far there is limited 4K that one can binge on, but content providers are quickly jumping on board to produce their content in native 4K.

Speaking of true 4K, Apple is expected to reveal whether the new Apple TV is capable of upscaling content. This is something that has been seen in some TV sets that have upscaling technology through methods such as Checkerboarding. There have also been rumors that the new Apple TV will also feature support for Live TV streaming apps. Apple TV has a lot of competition from the likes of Roku and the Amazon Fire. The new changes are expected to make it possible for the content streaming device to compete more effectively with the rivals. The new features are also expected to make the Apple TV a more appealing option for cord-cutters.

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