Apple Issues Trump With $1 Billion As ‘Green’ Bond

Apple has signaled President Donald Trump about the importance of caring for the environment by issuing him with a second ‘green’ bond worth $1 billion to finance the clean energy and other environmental developments. The bond is the prime corporate green bond ever since Trump withdrew his country from the Paris climate union.

The company offered the first ‘green’ bond valued at $1.5 billion last year to carry out its full operations using the renewable energy. The move was in response to the Paris agreement on climate in 2015. The recent bond is basically to prove that corporate companies are also committed to the climate goals of the 194-nation agreement.

According to Apple, businesses should exercise their leadership roles starting from the community level by addressing the climate change issues and ensuring that limited resources on the planet are protected and managed sustainably. The news comes the time after Trump had opposed the Paris agreement and eliminated the US from the list of countries supporting the accord.

Most American investors including Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple opposed the president’s decision to pull out the US from the Paris climate agreement. They appealed to the president through a letter contesting the resolution. In their statement, the group explained that it’s essential for the US to best exercise the global leadership by supporting global efforts on climate aspects.

Apple plans to use the proceeds accrued from the green bond to financially support the renewable energy, apply energy efficiency at its facilities, and acquire safer materials for its offerings.

The green bond will also center on ensuring Apple achieves its specific goal of greening its purchasing and supply chain, using recycled materials thus reducing the exhaustion of the scarce earth resources for sustainability.

One of the projects that Apple is funding is the robotic system known as Liam whereby the junked iPhones are ripped apart to recover the most valuable items for recycling including the silver and tungsten. Most governments are increasingly accepting the green bonds as a way to limit the effects of global warming as stated in the Paris climate accord 2015.

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