Apple is expected to delay launch of the new iPhone 8

Apple Is Expected To delay Further The Launching Of The New iPhone 

Apple iPhone 8 launch date is expected to delay further than the earlier expected September date.

New models to be launched

The iPhone 8 has been labeled iPhone X is speculated that even though the unveiling ceremony happens in September, shipping is likely to delay by a couple of weeks. Apple is expected to introduce the new iPhone 7S as well as iPhone 7S Plus together with the traditional 4.7 inch. The 5.5 inch and a new 5.8 inch version of the iPhone 8 which comes with an OLED display during the September launching ceremony.

Views from various research branches

According to Brain White, an Apple analyst, in a report to the investment research firm, the new iPhone 8 may be availed for pre-order in September while deliveries of the 5.8 inch will not take effect until a couple of weeks later.

White stated, “Our contact strongly believes the 5.8 inches iPhone 8 will be delayed by several weeks due challenges around the 3D sensing technology.” The models will still manage to meet the December holidays.  This is not the first time the company has experienced a delay with new iPhones. However, this time round the company’s contact was very concerned making Apple to put more consideration to the data point. Being only in April, the situation could change for the better.

Another research branch of Barclays posted similar predictions on the Apple iPhone 8. Chinese Language Economic Daily News reported that the iPhone 8 may not launch until later in October or November.

Speculation for further delay in launching

This is because allegedly having some technical problems which are related to the display lamination procedure. Challenges still exist in the integration of the 3D sensing front camera system. Up to now, rumors have it that the iPhone 8 will come improved dust and water resistant abilities, augmented reality-based camera, stainless steel body and the near bezel-less display.

Apple is yet to make any official confirmation of the launching of the new iPhone, however, a new shipment for 70 million OLED helps to cement the speculations that the debut may be before the end of the year. The expected cost of the 10th anniversary is about $1,000.

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