Apple iPhone 8 to retail at $1,200

Apple’s new iPhone 8 is anticipated to be the most costly handset that Apple has ever manufactured. But the news has not come as a big surprise to the loyal users who have seen the company push for higher premiums on their products for some time. Consumers should be prepared to dip further into their pockets for an iPhone that will retail at a similar cost to a laptop.

iPhone prices have been rising ever since they were introduced to the market, and have escalated steadily since the jumbo-sized iPhone 6 Plus was launched in 2014. The most recent model to be released was the iPhone 7, which debuted in 2016.

According to Apple developer and watcher, John Gruber, the highest premium model of the new iPhone will be launched at $1,200. The price is higher than the standard $1,000 price cap that most industry experts have estimated for the iPhone, which is close to its 10-year anniversary.

The principles of supply and demand usually dictate the trends on the market. For instance, if the supply is limited, the demand rises accordingly, causing the prices to also go up, hence reducing demand for that product. Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus was launched last year as the most expensive iPhone on the market, retailing at a starting price of $769.

Apple’s consumers who want more features than what the current iPhones provide should prepare to pay more for the upcoming iPhone model. The push for premium prices is not new to Apple, as their iPads and Macs also retail on the high end of the market. The Apple iPad has carried a high price from its debut until last year, when its price increase slowed down. But this year, the iPad Pro prices have risen again, as Apple upgraded its display and increased the starting price to $649. The Mac has also gone up in price in recent years due to upgraded features.

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  • wintermute1

    Interesting. I have owned almost every variant of the iPhone — except the iPhone 5c — upgrading on an almost annual basis. This new pricing will end that, and I will keep my iPhone 7+ longer. Unless my carrier can offer a really persuasive deal on this, I think that Apple is finally jumping the shark on this thing.