Apple Introduces A Dongle For Wireless Charging

Apple is at it with a new surprise, which seems to have taken the market by surprise. With its launch of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus the iPhone maker has also initiated into the market the sale of a dongle. Apparently, the new technology comes one year after the release of the iPhone 7 and surprisingly reports have it that it is working as expected.

The fast charge technology is said to have the potential of conveying an up to 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes. It comes at the height of competition in the technological arena given that at the wake of every sunrise a more upgraded technology hits the market.

It is a test of a lifetime for Apple

The Cupertino giant has been growing from strength to strength in terms of efficiency. Its new dongle is likely to one of its best bets in the recent past. It allows the plugging of headphones while still being used for charging. However, its Audio performance takes the similarities of an Apple adapter. Given that historically, iPhone users have not had major problems with costs, it is likely that they will be ready to meet the relevant costs for the new fast charge feature.

But the users will need a few extra pieces of hardware

The wireless charger is obviously credible. However, it may not be complete without various pieces of hardware, which are not being included at the point of its purchase. It is not supporting the likes of a USB-C to Lightning Cable adapter. Nonetheless, it accommodates the use of third-party USB-C power adapters but they must support the same specifications as those of Apple’s branded accessories.

From the results of the many tests, which have been carried out on the fast charger, it has surpassed its promised charging rate by a 52%. It took over the 12W ended, which was at 36% as well as the 12W adapter at 34%.

With this milestone, word has it that Apple’s plans are to heighten wireless charging speeds by revamping its software. After all who would not embrace convenience at whatever cost?

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