Apple Fined $439.7 Million After Losing Patent Suit Filed By VirnetX

Apple has been fined $39.7 million following a legal judgment against it in a long-standing patent battle filed by VirnetX in 2010.

VirnetX filed the lawsuit in 2010, accusing Apple of infringing upon Facetime and iMessage patent rights it proudly announced on October 16 that the court ruled in its favor. The final judgment was rendered by a U.S District Court Judge on September 29 but VirnetX revealed the details in a statement on October 16. The iPhone maker is required to pay damages to the tune of $439.7 million which will be paid to VirnetX.

“We are elated with the Court’s Final Judgement of $439 million in that not only did it affirm the jury’s verdict of $1.20 per infringing iPhone, iPad and Mac Product, but also added for willful infringement, interest and attorney fees. This is the third time a jury has ruled in our favor against Apple,” stated VirnetX CEO, Kendall Larsen.

The $439.7 million fine revealed in the statement is notably higher than the $302.4 million fine that the iPhone maker was required to pay in 2016 in the same patent battle. However, the court added an extra $41 million was piled on top for willful infringement. An extra $96 million was also added to cater to attorney fees and other costs.

VirnetX makes its revenue by issuing other companies with licenses to its patented technology that allows the creation of virtual port networks on the internet. The virtual network firm accused Apple of violating patents which cover secure mobile and computer communications. One of the iPhone maker’s spokesmen told TechCrunch that Apple plans to file an appeal despite the fact that it lost the previous appeal. However, the judicial decision seems to have put an end to the case which lasted a whopping 7 years.

A previous ruling in 2016 had ordered the iPhone maker to pay $625.6 million in damages to VirnetX when two lawsuits were combined but a Federal Judge reversed the decision. The Federal Judge argued that combining the lawsuits would be too unfair to Apple and that it would also confuse the members of the Jury.

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