Apple Expresses A Major Interest Towards The Development Of The next-gen Micro LED Displays

The iPhone was one of the best creations by Apple in terms of the features it came along with as well as the functionalities. The company’s efforts to maintain its relevance in the market to many seems unending. This time around, Apple is considering developing next-gen display technologies and in this particular regard it is believed to have spent billions.

The iPhone X stands out as one of the few iPhones that have shipped with the OLED display. That is definitely one of the topmost OLED-based smartphone displays that have ever been witnessed around the globe. At the moment, the company is figuring out its next move and it remains confident that it will make it big.

Over a number of years, the company’s engineers have laid much focus on exploring the Micro LED display technology. Apple has always expressed a strong obsession with the development of a thinner, lighter, and more energy efficient displays.

Just a short while back, the company went ahead to place an order for a batch of Micro LED displays that was meant to carry out the tests. That was amid the reports that had come up showing that the company was keen on incorporating the display technology into its diverse product line as early as 2018.If all moves according to plan, the next-gen Apple Watch might turn out to be the first device featuring the Micro LED technology.

Apple is at the moment considering shifting its R&D efforts focus -from its Taiwan based research group to the company’s Cupertino campus. There have also a chain of other reports pointing to the fact that the company is currently holding talks with TSMC in a bid to resolve numerous manufacturing bottlenecks.

A person familiar with the Apple’s undertakings and progress opined, “The slow progress in the development of the mass transfer technology is believed to impede related panel makers from realizing volume production of Micro LED panels in the short term. Apple has reportedly downsized its R&D team for development of Micro LED display products.”

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