Apple Expected To Ramp Up Its Wireless Charging Ambitions

Apple has made the announcement regarding its newly acquired startup outlining that it will be leveraging on its technology to make charging iPhones and other devices a lot better. On Wednesday, the tech guru made a confirmation to New Zealand news outlet Stuff revealing that it had was overwhelmed with its success in the acquisition of PowerbyProxi.

Dan Riccio, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, disclosed that the startup’s was going to be a major addition as the company proceeds towards creating a wireless future.

Market analysts and researchers have over a number of years criticized Apple outlining that it failed at keeping pace with competitors such Samsung and others who had invested in wireless charging in their tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Apple has proceeded to silence critics by unveiling iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone X and all these were associated with wireless charging. The company has also moved forward to make the announcement about AirPower, which happens to be its latest charging pad. If everything moves according to plan, it intends to unveil it in the course of next year. It takes the strong stand that AirPower will be capable of charging numerous devices including Apple Watch and the iPhone at the same time.

PowerbyProxi was founded back in 2007 and it has achieved immense success when it comes to bringing wireless charging to multiple devices, including medical equipment, drones, as well as other big products that utilize battery power but are typically tethered to walls.

The company believes that it will be a great move for it to get to tap into the PowerbyProxi’s technology. The company has settled on a remarkable mechanism for transmitting more power wirelessly than the smartphones’ standard wireless chargers. It thus goes without saying that indeed Apple is capable of using PowerbyProxi to enhance the charging of iPhones.

The secretive Apple hasn’t to this moment announced any specific plans. Just like the rest of the startups, PowerbyProxi may be compelled to either chart its way or fold into Apple’s existing teams.

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