Apple Excited After Being Granted Patent On Smart Dock With Wireless Charging

Apple has in the course of this particular week received a new patent. This is a matter that has excited the top provider a huge deal. There lately have been rumours that the provider will soon unveil a wirelessly charging iPhone 8.The upcoming HomePod is also something that will be sure to excite its wide customer base.

One of the company’s new developments will simplify matters for users since they will be in a position to control their devices from across the room. This will of course be as a result of the fitted in microphones that will have the ability to listen to voice commands according to Theverge.

Some top company executives have said that the new patent comes up as one of the best things for both the company and the customers as well. It is a patent covering multiple mechanisms of charging.

It is important to point out that this is only but a patent and not some actual product announcement. It would be wrong to delve into much speculation regarding the matter. But some people have been making follow-ups seeking to strike a much better understanding in regards to how this could actually tie in to the provider’s HomePod strategy.

A lot of users quite agree to the fact that indeed Apple has one of the most expensive HomePods. However, it is pretty tough to argue it out in the open that the product alone could pose wild competition to Amazon’s $50 Echo Dot.

Experts assert that a Siri-infused dock has quite a lot in common with the Echo Dot. The other thing worth noting is the fact that Apple went ahead to file for this particular patent in 2012.This insinuates that it is an idea that the provider has been developing over a long period.

While recently speaking to a number of top news reporters, one of the top officials working with Apple said, “As with any Apple patent, it’s always interesting to see what the minds at Cupertino are thinking about, and even if a wireless charging Siri dock never comes to fruition, it’s nice to dream of what could be.”

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