Apple Eager To Play Nice With The FBI Over Texas Church Shooting

Apple has released a statement saying that it was willing to assist in unlocking an iPhone belonging to the gunman responsible for the Texas shooting on Sunday.

The company released the statement after the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) announced that it was unable to unlock an iPhone which was used by Devin Patrick Kelly, the shooter who killed 26 people in a Texas Church on Sunday. The Federal organization made the announcement during a press conference held on Tuesday to address the media regarding the ongoing investigation pertaining the Texas shooting. The announcement revealed that the organization failed to access any data on the handset.

“Our team immediately reached out to the FBI after learning from their press conference on Tuesday that investigators were trying to access a mobile phone. We offered assistance and said we would expedite our response to any legal process they send us,” stated a spokesperson from Apple.

Kelly was reportedly carrying the iPhone on the day of the shooting. The authorities believe that the mobile device could contain vital information about his whereabouts, communications, and activities leading up to the day of the incident at the Texas church. The situation is reminiscent of the San Bernardino shooting of 2016 after the FBI and Apple were involved in a showdown because the tech giant refused to unlock an iPhone believed to belong to the shooter.

The FBI had even taken the matter to court so that the company would be forced to provide access to the handset. However, it backed down from the case and eventually paid a third party to bypass the handset’s encryption. It thus makes sense that the FBI did not bother to request any help from Apple this time but it seems the iPhone maker is willing to assist the federal organization to recover any vital information.

The first showdown between the FBI and Apple led to questions about the security of user data and access to user data by federal agencies without user consent. However, the stand-off proved that the tech giant upholds a high degree of security as far as user data is concerned.

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