Apple to design its own power management chips for iPhones

Apple Reported Designing Its Own Power Management Chips

Apple is expected to ditch the supplier and adopt its own in house power management chips for its iPhones.

Report from the analysts

The reports have been made by analyst Karsten lltgen at the German investment bank Bankhaus Lampe. The reports indicate that the company is expected at the very least to cut back some level on Dialog’s provision of power management chips used in manufacture of iPhones.

Karsten indicated that there is strong evidence that the company is designing its own power-management integrated circuits. It also intends to change the chip developed by Dialog even though partially. However, the shifting by Apple to design in-house its own chips is very unlikely in the short run.

He said, “We believe that Apple is setting up power management design centers in Munich and California.” He added that reports from the industry that around 80 engineers are already in the process of developing a Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) with the specific plans to administer it in the iPhone. This is expected to actualize by early 2019.

Dialog’s sentiments about the issue

Dialog’s website indicates that their integrated power management component leads to more than 30% longer battery life. The company replaces several multiple discrete power management parts. It has only one integrated device which allows customers to manufacture thinner and lighter portable applications that are equipped with higher power efficiency. The end result is the much need longer battery life.

Single chip solutions help in reducing energy usage and also provide a flexible and simple design at much lower costs. Typical usage test carried out indicate that the PMIC’s by the company are in a position to lower the power usage of a mobile device by around 30%.

Apple hiring new engineers from its U.K. based supplier

Analysts made an observation that Apple has continued to acquire engineers from Dialog during the last one year, adding to their pool of more 1,300 skilled engineers. However, an informed individual about the situation indicated that it is quite normal to experience employees flowing between the company and its suppliers.

Apple did announce that it was contemplating stopping using graphics processing chips which are sourced from Imagination Technology.

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