Apple Demonstrates New Features With The Launch Of Its Second Brooklyn Store

Apple launched its second Store in Brooklyn during the weekend and it just so happens to some unique designs as part of the company’s latest design changes for its flagship stores.

The newly launched Apple store in Brooklyn marks the company’s 11th store in New York. The most notable thing about the new store is the design which includes a lot of see-through glass that allows people to see into the store while they are outside. The new store also features huge metal beams that are on the inside as well as the outside. The beams are for both structural and design purposes.

“It’s one of the oddest designed stores of all their flagship stores and dramatically different from the original architectural drawing,” stated a recent publication from Patently Apple.

It looks like Apple’s whole idea with the design of its new stores is to shift towards a more visual look and thus the heavy use of glass. The company has not released any official announcements as to why it has decided to go with the new design.

The interior of the new Apple store in Brooklyn also features massive changes that are a huge departure from what we are often used to. Unlike older Apple stores, the new store features two-sided floating shelves. The old stores have their shelves fitted to the walls. Another noteworthy feature is under the display table which as usual, have adopted a simplistic design.

The tables are wooden tables upon which Apple products such as iPhones and iPads are displayed. However, unlike display tables in older stores, these ones do not have any wires running under them. Instead, there are some sort of hidden compartments underneath the tables. A closer look reveals that the software and tech company has done a proper cable management job because there are no visible power cords running up to keep the handsets charged.

Apple has most likely drilled holes into the legs of the tables via which the wiring has been routed. The other likely solution is that the company has fitted a wireless charging system under the tables but there has been no confirmation of this. Whichever the case, the new Apple Store in Brooklyn is definitely a work of art.

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