Apple Considers Moving Into The Health Care Space

Apple has been considering buying a start-up called Cross-over Health in a bid to expand into the health care clinics. Crossover Health happens to be one among a few companies that focus in the provision of medical and wellness services. It has been working closely with the self-insured employers towards delivering essential and high quality services.

Apple and Facebook are some of the clients that depend on its services. Crossover has also established clinics in the Bay Area and New York. Talks have been ongoing for quite some time now, but unfortunately they haven’t materialized into a deal. Apple has also reached out to the nationwide primary care group, One Medical and it believes its efforts will pay off.

Apple’s health team has been conducting several discussions revolving around expanding into Primary care. To this point in time it is still unclear whether or not Apple will be setting up its own network of primary care clinics the same way its highly successful retail stores have been doing. There is also the chance that it might settle for the existing players.

Some experts have spoken in relation to the matter .They have said that it will be a prudent move for the company to move into the primary care space. Apple boasts of a worldwide network consisting of more 300 stores which serve as the most important sales channels.

A prominent health tech investor called Nina Kjellson understands quite little about Apple’s plans. But he has proceeded to say that the move is plausible. According to him, it would move quite a long way helping build credibility with Apple Watch and other health apps.

She opined, “Apple has cracked a nut in terms of consumer delight, and in the health care setting a non-trivial proportion of satisfaction comes from the quality of interaction in the waiting room and physical space.”

CEO Tim Cook through a statement asserted that he saw healthcare as a lucrative business opportunity which is contrary to what how most of the people see it-just a philanthropic endeavor.

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