Apple Considering Face Scanning Technology for New iPhone

Tech giant and the most one of the most valuable companies in the world Apple is said to be considering replacing its fingerprint technology with face scanning in future mobile phone releases. If actualised the move would signify a departure from the company’s Touch ID technology which has been present in all its phones since the introduction of the iPhone 5S in 2013. The latest rumour was released by JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall who claimed insider knowledge to the release of the new technology.

As Apple prepares to release the IPhone 8 later this year there have been countless speculations as to the new features the company would add to its latest product. Old rumour has it that the company is planning to move to a behind-the-screen haptic version of its fingerprint technology which would rival similar technology released by Samsung in the recently released Galaxy 8. However this rumour has not been substantiated.

The current rumour has been championed by two major factors. First is the fact that Apple seem to be buying up a lot of 3D enabled cameras in recent times. The second and the more remote reason is company’s acquisition of PrimeSense which is a 3D sensor company in 2013. Also, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is regarded as an authority is these kinds of issues has been quoted as say that the 3D sensor might form part of Apples new products.

While all of these seem to be conjecture at this point what is clear is the fact that the Silicon Valley Company needs to make a radical impression with their new phone. Coming from a “not so good” review of its latest release the iPhone 7, and the fact that the new release would mark the company’s 10 year anniversary in the mobile phone industry the company would be hoping to convince its customer that it remains the powerhouse in mobile technology innovation.

Though, the latest rumour claims that the facial sensor technology is might not be released with the iPhone 8 but future phones. Consumers of Apple products are however hoping to be surprised by new innovative technology.

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