Apple Confirms The Acquisition Of Shazam, A Music Recognition App

Apple has been making a lot of progress in the recent times with the latest being the acquisition a music recognition app called Shazam. This app is being used in the identification of a playing song after which it connects the users to a service to either stream or download it.

The nifty song-detecting technology tells quite much regarding the reason as to why Apple is engaging in the purchase of Shazam for a total amount of about $400 million.

This British app development company back in 2002 proceeded to come up with phone services which helped people in the identification of music. All that any user needed to do was dial 2580 and move ahead to hold the phone to a source of music and within a short period of time Shazam would send a text message indicating the name of the artist as well as the title of the song.

It was in 2008 when the company transformed this feature into an add-supported app eventually launching it on the newly created Apple App Store. What followed is that it managed to generate a lot of money from the music referrals as well. The recent times are witnessing the app downloaded at very high rates.

A number of analysts have come forward to state that its longevity has placed the company in a rather unique position. The passage of time has seen technological advancements take root and at the moment the software that runs Shazam is not considered cutting edge anymore. The other critical matter is the fact that tech is also getting replicable as we progress.

The head of technology research at GBH Insights, Daniel Ives outlined that the only reason why they have been so success is the fact that they have many years of experience doing what they do best. He added that they took great pride in their strong install base of customers. Apple on its part is prioritizing the purchase of that customer base and the associated data.

Ive opined, “Information such as what music customers search for, what they’re buying, and their historic music preferences are “very valuable in terms of Apple’s library of knowledge.”

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