Apple, Cisco Join Forces To Push For Cyber Security Discounts

Apple has announced a partnership agreement with Cisco Systems to ensure that they get discounts on the cyber security insurance premiums. The news came during the Cisco event in Las Vegas when Tim Cook made a surprise guest visit and revealed the plans of the two companies.

According to Cook’s sentiments, if the two firms combine their efforts, they will likely reduce their cyber-security insurance charges. The announcement comes after Cisco announced their plans for the “next era” of its AI-powered network.

Based on Reuter, the two companies’ partnership will make a great secure package than their competitors including the Google’s Android operating system. Apple and Cisco have also worked together in other areas in the past few years.

The partnership is intended to control the hacking group who are increasingly becoming more sophisticated enterprises than before. The two companies will collaborate with the best insurance companies to provide more vigorous policies to their customers.

Cisco plans to create systems that will allow consistent and reliable security monitoring and the insurers to counter confirm the systems are in place. Cisco, the leading company in networking has focused on the cybersecurity in the recent past and has highlighted major efforts with Apple in various aspects.

The company has launched a new security app for the Apple’s iPhones that would protect the product against the phishing attacks that have maliciously sabotaged many companies’ databases.

The fast lane services that Cisco created in 2015 have helped in speeding up the Internet connectivity for Apple’s iPhones and the efforts have extended to also cover Mac computers. Apple, which is famous for its consumer devices, has embraced the changes recently by considering additional features of security for its iPhones and iPads.

In addition, Apple has partnered with other software companies including IBM and SAP to support developers to note down business apps that will enhance the security of its mobile gadgets.

Cisco has progressively been moving away from the legacy technology to the more advanced sectors including the IoT and the cloud-based security and the company is more excited about their progress.

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