Amazon And Apple Resorted To Building ‘Moats’ As Part Of Their Plan To Counter Competition

Apple and Amazon are big names in the stock markets, but one thing that the two have in common is the way they move about their business activities. They seem to be employing almost similar strategies to reach their set goals. The way in which these two build “moats” in a bid to stave off competition is a matter that has lefty a lot of people baffled.

A number of analysts following on Apple’s progress recently made a statement outlining that the iPhone would soon be faced out as the best phones worldwide. When asked to give an explanation, they said that many firms were making efforts to catch up. Apple takes great pride in the fact that it has about 492 retail stores in 19 countries and the same analysts have said that these were indeed a stronger immunity for the trusted phone maker.

A lot of misconceptions still continue to reign worldwide with a large number of people thinking that it is the stores that are dying off. The issue is here is with the middle class and those stores that have been serving them over the years.

Those stores serving the middle-class households have been struggling in a major way. Those stores that are situated in the affluent neighborhoods are the exact opposite. Most of them are seen to be holding strong with every passing day. Sometime back, the middle class constituted about 61 percent of the Americans. At this point in time, they stand out as the minority.

Apple is slowly waking up to the reality facing it and in its statement it outlined that it agreed to the fact that the ladders were going to keep getting taller and taller. It is the reason as to why the company resorted to the more analog moats. Both Samsung and Google have expressed their next move which is to go for Apple.

There is hope that the two will produce a better phone which will leave quite much to be desired by customers.

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