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Use your old Apple stuff to save on the newest Apple products!
PowerMax is proud to offer our trade-in programs to our customers. This allows you to use everything from your old MacBook to your out-of-date iPod (with our iPod trade in program) towards the purchase of anything we sell!

If you haven't decided exactly what you'd like to buy, you may also put money from the trade-in on account towards a future purchase of anything else we sell.

PowerMax Trade-In Process

  • First, contact us...

    First, call 1-888-769-7629 or submit a trade-in request to one of our helpful sales consultants... Learn More»

  • Next, agree to the quoted value...

    Once you agree to the quoted trade value, our technician will send you an email describing the terms... Learn More»

  • Third, send up your trade...

    Next, we'll send you another email message which includes your unique trade-in number... Learn More»

  • We then evaluate your trade...

    When the trade arrives, one of our technicians will perform a thorough evaluation... Learn More»

  • And finally, we'll issue your credit...

    Finally, when the trade has passed all of our tests, we will give you credit for the trade... Learn More»

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