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Report Your Stolen Mac or iPod

Macintosh equipment is stolen daily, and many of those computers end up at online auction sites. Because of this, PowerMax is making our database of stolen equipment available for public searches. Before bidding on a Macintosh online or buying from any unauthorized vendor, please obtain the serial number and check it here. If you buy stolen property you will have to surrender it without compensation. Buying stolen equipment is illegal and encourages further theft. Please report theft of your equipment here.

Report your stolen Mac Computer or iPod serial number below.

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PowerMax cannot guarantee that a "non-listing" is proof of ownership by the party selling the equipment. In addition, a match is not evidence of stolen goods. Any match should be sent to stolen@powermax.com or called in to 800-844-3599 for verification with the person who reported the theft. Continued participation with a sale after receiving a match is at your sole discretion. PowerMax is not liable for any misinformation or data entry error.

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