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Used CRT iMac G3/500

  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 80 GB internal ATA drive
  • internal CD-RW
  • no keyboard
  • Indigo
  • ATI Rage 128 Pro Video
  • 15in. Display
  • Certified Pre-Owned Mac with 90 day warranty
  • OS CD is not included
  • OS 9.2.2 and 10.3.9 installed
  • PowerMac4.1

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Quantity Available: 1

Item Number: pow-t49070

Vendor Number: POW-T49070

Vendor: Apple

The iMac might be called the computer most responsible for restoring Apple's place in the upper echelons of the personal computer business. Its introduction created some controversy in that the units had no built-in floppy drive. Today, Apple's foresight as to the impending demise of the floppy serves as testimony to their ability to look forward and actually drive the industry, rather than just respond to it, or be a me-too, like most of the Windows PC world.

The CRT iMac still has its place in many business or home settings. As an inexpensive portal to the web, or for general use such as word processing and email, it probably has the best bang for the buck of any computer in existence today. Its also a great computer for families... youngsters can enjoy the use of a computer with a multitude of free or inexpensive software without parents worrying that their own systems will become damaged by some of the more, shall we say, active youngsters out there.

With the multitude of colors now available, from Blueberry to Tangerine to Graphite and so on, an iMac can still make a nice fashion statement, especially in the all-white or silver world the Mac has become lately.

Another thing to consider is that there are still millions of these iMacs in use today (including in our own company), so obtaining one for a specific need or use or budget is no different than already having one in use!

With FireWire ports as noted, as well as USB, the CRT iMac is certainly not out of date in the computer world, an amazing feat considering the first Bondi Blue 233 MHz iMac was introduced in 1998.

Our Guarantee:

Our pre-owned Macs come with a 90 day warranty and two additional guarantees: First, if it arrives and isn't working as it should, we'll pick it up* and replace it at our expense (some conditions apply). Second, if at any time in the first 90 days of the purchase of a pre-owned Mac you wish to trade it in, we will guarantee you the FULL purchase price value you paid toward the purchase of anything else we sell. You can't lose with us!

*Does not apply to in-store or will call orders


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Note: A mouse is included with all desktop units (except the Mac mini). Keyboards are included only when noted. Models and manufacturers of the mice and keyboards will vary.


Operating System Questions?

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm so amazed and impressed that you took the time to answer my question the same day I wrote it, and in such detail. I have had such wonderful service and experience from PowerMax that I will be a customer for life, you can count on it. I love my little PowerBook.

  • Thank You and God Bless.
  • Dallas, TX

Thank you very, very much! I have never used PowerMax before but I have been absolutely impressed with your professionalism and service. I really appreciate all the effort your company seems to put into customer service. I'm really looking forward to receiving the computer, and thank you once again for the follow-up service.

  • Thanks,
  • KS

Just to let you know, the iMac got here safe and sound. Everything is up and running and I'm loving it. I just wanted to thank you for your help and giving such good customer service. I'm really impressed with PowerMax and I'll definitely be doing more of my Mac shopping with you guys.

  • Thanks again,
  • APO A.E.

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