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Used Power Mac Mirrored Door FW 800 G4/1.25 GHz Dual Processor

Although similar to the first generation of Mirror Door Power Mac G4, the "MDD FireWire 800 G4" (PowerPC 7455) model uses the 802.11g Airport Extreme card, and has the addition of the double fast FireWire 800 port. Topping out at 1.42 GHz, this is the fastest dual G4 available. This generation cannot boot natively into OS 9. It supports four internal hard drives at up to 500 GB capacity each. In addition to the expanded hard drive capabilities, the MDD G4 supports two optical drives. Also, the fourth RAM slot returns to the MDD G4, once again allowing 2 GB of RAM to be used, but this time the RAM is the high-performance DDR RAM. The 3.5-MM audio-in port reappears with the addition of a 2nd audio jack in the front. The MDD G4 has only been matched recently in terms of drive expandability by the Mac Pro.

General Specifications:

  • PC2100 DDR SDRAM. Max:4x512 for 2 GB total
  • Single and dual display support
  • 2 USB Ports, 2 FireWire (400) ports, 1 FireWire (800) port
  • 4 PCI Expansion slots
  • 4 2.5" drive bays, two Ultra ATA/66 and two Ultra ATA/100, and an extra 5.25" optical drive bay
  • Airport Extreme slot
  • Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Base T

Advantages of a pre-owned G4 Power Mac Mirrored Door FW 800:

  • Reliable design and architecture
  • For all but the most demanding applications, the G4 offers excellent performance for the money
  • Very expandable
  • A smaller percentage depreciation. With most of the depreciation taken out of these machines already, they'll retain their purchase price value for some time to come
  • A workhorse machine designed to last for years

Our guarantee:

Our Pre-Owned Macs come with a 90 day warranty and two additional guarantees: First, if it arrives and isn't working as it should, we'll pick it up* and replace it at our expense (some conditions apply). Second, if at any time in the first 90 days of the purchase of a pre-owned Mac you wish to trade it in, we will guarantee you the FULL purchase price value you paid toward the purchase of anything else we sell. You can't lose with us!

*Does not apply to in-store or will call orders

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