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Bes Bellhangers Bit 3/8in X 36in

Please note that it appears we haven't received detailed information from the vendor on this product. What does this mean? Well, it can actually mean any one of a number of things.

This product may be discontinued, or have some supply issues, or it could even be that it's brand new and we haven't received anything but the most basic information thus far. Sometimes it's even something as simple as the fact that it's such an obvious item (like a cable or replacement part), that the manufacturer figures the product name and the price may be all you need. And with the tens of thousands of products we have access to, we do have to rely on those pesky manufacturers for information.

If you're certain its what you want from the product name alone, then by all means feel free to order it. However, we're also happy to have you give us a call, or send us an e-mail as well. One of our Macintosh consultants will happily research the situation for you, because at PowerMax, even though we love technology and sell technology, we don't believe automated technology is the end-all for all things. Our people are happy to personally provide expert research and opinions on everything we sell, including Used Macs, Refurbished and Open Box Macs and the latest brand new Macintosh computers. In other words, we believe that seeing an electronic product on a shelf, or on a page on the internet, can be the start of a conversation, not the only conversation.

Thanks for surfing to PowerMax, where we provide internet sales with a personal touch! (If you're curious about this seemingly non-technological approach to product information, note that we explain a little bit about our philosophies on automation vs. personal interaction here.)

Lastly, if you have some information you'd like to relay about this product, please send an e-mail to feedback@powermax.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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Item Number: bes-bell3836

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Well, this is awkward.

Darn, it looks like this product is no longer available. Sometimes these things happen. But you know, the story doesn't have to end there. Because you see, at PowerMax, we're all about genuine human interaction, and we'll be happy to investigate other options worth consideration. Because you never know, maybe there's a new model out with more features and at a better price! Or maybe this one just had too many problems... who knows? But we'll be happy to work with you to find out.

You can reach our sales team at 1-888-769-7629. They can give you information on potential alternatives and even talk you down if we were your last hope for obtaining this particular item.

Otherwise, in case you didn't know...

We're in Oregon. We're surrounded by beautiful trees, greenery, rain and Beervana. Really, Google it. One thing we're really lucky to have is one of Oregon's true hidden treasures - its people. We're steeped in kind, absurdly passionate Oregonians who work and play on Mac computers. PowerMax specializes in Apple products, but also a ton 'o the electronics that complement the Mac experience as well.

We've even coaxed one of our technicians, Jacob, into answering your Mac support questions - Just Ask Jacob. If you prefer written communication, feel free to ask him about what you were looking for and why.

Thanks for surfing to PowerMax!

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